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Mr. Kitja  Veskaisri

Thai Coconut Rolls

❑ Texture:

Crispy, crunchy, easy to chew, and not hard, can be eaten by all genders and ages.

❑ Smell and taste:

The delicate aroma of coconut milk kicks the nose. The taste is just right: sweet and very delicious.

❑ Different Ingredients :

Every piece of our coconut roll contains coconut milk from a coconut plantation where coconuts are grown for making specific Thai desserts.

We squeezed fresh every day. Use it day by day. No refrigeration. Not overnight. No preservatives are added. Other components are selected

only for premium grades. And used to produce it day by day only.

❑ Baking Process:

Every piece of our coconut roll goes through a baking process that we have invented and developed for more than 30 years, which can guarantee

that you will get our coconut roll with a smooth texture, crispy, fragrant, not hard, not burnt, and safe for consumers. Every piece is deliciousType your paragraph here.