Rice production in Thailand


Director visit 10 Oct 2016

at The National Bureau 

Agricultural Commodity

and Food Standards

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The Company

In 1973 was started Siam Grain field family rice business in Thailand which has been grown meantime one of the national rice company in Thailand.  Driven by passion to explore the diversity and richness of Thai Rice, one of the second generation founded Siam Dee Thailand. 

We present a wide selection of premium Thai Rice.  Our strength is world class rice with unique and high standard rice. Our process is closely monitored by our professional Quality Control Team which implements extremely advanced procedures which ensures its quality.  We are proud of ourselves on the strict high quality control of rice brings to overseas exports. Siam Dee Thailand has been exported to various countries in Asia, Middle Eastern Countries as well as African countries.  We are looking ahead to expanding our market access export to the world market. 

We export only the best quality of Thai Rice

In Style Hong Kong at Plaza Athénée Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel 

Business Press Release June 2017 -

Joint Lecturer with Ministry of Commerce Thailand for  Knowledge Building Program and Government Assistance Measures for Thai Farmers